There is a certain order of things that happen when my two year old grandson comes over for a visit. The first thing he does when he walks in the door is look for the dog. He calls out “Cocoa, Cocoa”! Now she usually does not come when he calls, for two reasons. Her name is not Cocoa (that is the other grandma’s dog, therefore in his mind the name of our dog too, lol) and also because my dog, whose name by the way is Daisy, is an old gal and not very fond of two year old boys! The next thing he does is go right to Mimi’s candy dish. After eating as many candies as he can get away with, he likes to go to the sliding glass door (or “door wall” as we call them in Michigan) at the back of our condo. It’s kinda picturesque out there with a huge weeping willow and a creek that usually has ducks or cranes floating in it, or geese waking along the banks. Sometimes you can even spot a bunny or possum or squirrel. He loves to look out that window and usually begs to go out to the creek.
Anyone who is familiar with two year old boys knows that they don’t place a lot of importance on cleanliness. And it sure doesn’t take long for them to get dirty, does it? It’s a mystery to me that in the short walk from the car to inside the condo and back to the door wall, how his chubby little hands have gotten so dirty! He has picked up sticks, splashed in a puddle, wiped his runny nose with his hands, petted the hairy dog (if he’s lucky enough to catch her) and gotten melted chocolate all over himself.
So you know kids, right? He’s not just looking, he is touching everything! And as he looks out that window at the creek, his hands are all over the glass! And long after he goes back home with his mom and dad, evidence of his visit can still be seen all over that door wall. Fingerprints galore! Fingerprints mixed with dirt and sugar and… well… other “stuff” (I will leave it at that, wink wink). I admit, I don’t pull out the Windex and wash them off as soon as he leaves. Honestly, I am just not that kind of a housekeeper. But mostly because this Mimi loves those little fingerprints! And for just awhile, I like to look at the evidence that this little guy I love so much, came over for a visit. I see Gods perfect creation in every swirl of every fingerprint of all 10 of those perfect fingers. I see the fingerprint of God in the fingerprints of that messy little two year old boy.
I see how God made him strong and tough yet gentle and kind. I see that just behind the opposition of a typical two year old there is a boy who is willing to obey. I see a boy who loves deeply. I see brown eyes that are deeply sensitive to all that goes on around him. I love to hear him talk, even though I can’t understand a lot of it lol! I love his blonde hair and fair skin and I love his laugh. All of these things, all that he is, bears the fingerprints of God.
And all that you are, also bears the fingerprints of God. You carry His DNA and you reflect His image. But I wonder what you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the smudges of dirt left behind from all your mistakes and inadequacies, imperfections and bad decisions? Or do you see the marvelous work of God? No doubt that our lives can be just as messy as those toddlers fingerprints. Sometimes other people are responsible for our mess. Sometimes… often times… we can only point to ourselves. But hidden deep in our genetic code is a divine and perfect DNA passed down from our Heavenly Father and Creator. And His perfect, beautiful, holy fingerprints are all over us. The perfect sequence of His traits, qualities and features are a part of your make up. Today, as you look at your life, I pray you look past the dirt and smudges to see the beauty of your Creator, and the beauty of YOU, His perfect creation. I pray that you see the fingerprints of God.
You made my whole being; you formed me in my mother’s body. I praise you because You made me in an AMAZING and WONDERFUL way. What you have done is WONDERFUL. I know this very well.
Psalm 139:13-14 (emphasis added)

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